James - The brains behind the brew. James is a big fan of Sours and German and Belgian style beers.

Charlie – The first to jump up and seize the day (and usually knock the coffee cup over!), young Charles is a good beer personified – strong, full of condition and a pleasure to be near.

Jimbob - Aka Jim, James, JB, Jimbo. Jimbob is an all rounder - the Sammy Davis Jr of the team. He likes to get involved and learn as much as he can from the guys.

We love being in Gravesend. Kent has an amazing history with ale, being the first hop growing county in the UK. The Iron Pier from which we take our name is the oldest cast iron pier still existence anywhere in the world, and is a beautiful piece of Victorian engineering. We love being out on the river too, and If not brewing beer you'll find us rowing a Claydon skiff past the pier, out on the river Thames.

The Taproom at our brewery, located just off Perry Street, is designed to invite the community in Gravesend and beyond to come and see what we're up to on a regular basis, and see how we create and package our beer.

We produce both cask and keg beer to the highest standards we possibly can. From traditional best bitters, fermented in our open topped vessels, to hoppy IPA's fermented in our conical vessels, we aim to achieve the highest standards possible. We run a small lab in the brewery to ensure our beer is fermented cleanly, and is of the same high standard every time it comes to you. Our lab information is available to all our customers, from forced fermentation results and fining levels in cask beer to carbonation levels and yeast counts in keg beers.