JamesJames - The brains behind the brew. James is a big fan of Sours and German and Belgian style beers. Brewing commercially for almost a decade, James is passionate about the process and result that goes into making beer. His attention to detail is only seconded by the great Michelangelo when he painted the Sistine. James is often recognised for his Mohawk, which he feeds everyday on a strict diet of berries and old coins you find down the back of the sofa. Away from beer, James also enjoys Jazz and Punk music, as well as good wine and cheese.

CharlieCharlie – The first to jump up and seize the day (and usually knock the coffee cup over!), young Charles is a good beer personified – strong, full of condition and a pleasure to be near. Charlie loves big beers, especially barrel aged ones. With our pilot kit Charlie enjoys the opportunity and freedom to create some interesting one offs for our Taproom. Charlie enjoys listening to musicals while he works and one day hopes to buy Cameron Mackintosh a drink. Charlie will be making his West End debut next year in Beer: The Musical.

JimbobJimbob - Aka Jim, James, JB, Jimbo. Jimbob is an all rounder - the Sammy Davis Jr of the team. He likes to get involved and learn as much as he can from the guys. Whether it’s helping out with a brew, delivering, selling or working the Taproom, every day is a great day for the boy. Do not be fooled by his childlike enthusiasm. Under the Superhero T Shirts lies a seriousness about the business and the beer. Jimbob enjoys dessert-flavoured beers, sweet or tangy (and preferably marshmallow). He loves to sing, do impressions and still watches Saturday Morning Cartoons.