Beer Blog

  • Harvest Saison 2020

    Initially starting life as our standard saison recipe, our Harvest Saison was transferred onto Dudda's Tun cider lees part way through fermentation...
  • West Street Pale

    We’ve taken a few recipe examples and combined them into a modern take on a West Street Brewery pale ale
  • Ernest Sour

    For those of you that missed the Taproom launch of our Ernest Sour, here's a bit of background on the beer, which is now available in can and keg. 

  • Funk Tank Season 2: Cider Lees Saison

    Last year we used our "funk tank" to begin playing with mixed fermentation beer. Separated from the rest of the brewery, we can take more risks with beer in this tank, using microbes that could otherwise infect the other beers we produce.
  • Barleywine 2021

    Our latest heritage recipe is a recreation of a Barleywine from the early 20th Century. Based on a small mountain of Marris Otter, with a chunk of Simpson's Imperial malt, there's a really nice malty honey backbone to this beer. And then there's the hops..
  • Cask Conditioning

    CAMRA's raison d'etre, a quintessentially British method, but why is cask conditioning any different to other methods of packaging beer?