Moscatel BA Barleywine

Back in 2020 we brewed our take on an old Truman's Barleywine recipe. Brewed using Simpson's Maris Otter and Imperial Malt, with Invert No.1 Sugar, and a frankly daft amount of Kent grown Goldings hops. Truman's aged their Barleywine before sale, which would probably have helped round out the bitterness from the hops, so we decided to do the same - but using ex-Moscatel barrels to add a layer of warm, vinous notes. The idea was to package the beer after 6-12 months, but that bitterness was still lingering, so we ended up aging the beer for nearly two years.

The packaged beer still has the rich malt body and robust bitterness of the original recipe, with honey and bread malt notes leaning in to the vinous warmth from the barrel aging. A beer for celebrating, pairing with hard cheeses or savouring on its own. 

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